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Joni Erickson Tada Song Nominated For Academy Award

"I'm the least likely candidate to record a song for a movie, I'll tell you that up front, so it's amazing. It's amazing enough that a family friendly movie with a Christian theme is nominated in any category for an Academy visit the website Award. Besides The Blind Side, which was wonderful, it's just not the norm." Joni Erickson Tada via The Hollywood Reporter Joni has been an inspiration to many for decades. At age 17 she experienced a diving accident that left her a quadriplegic. Since then, God has used her as a singer, author, painter, and she is CEO learn more of her own organization Joni and Friends . This is a second nomination for song writer Bruce Broughton. He was previously nominated for an Academy Award back in 1986 for Best this website Original Score for "Silverado." News of his nomination for "Alone Yet Not Alone" was a complete surprise. "You couldn't ever call it a dark horse. It was an invisible horse.
More: http://www.examiner.com/article/joni-erickson-tada-song-nominated-for-academy-award

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